Now where’s his anxious little sidekick John Swoopson.

I’d watch it.




Cosplayer: Miss Sinister CosplayCharacter: SagatSeries: Street FighterPhotographer: Jason DeSomer PhotographyCountry: USAMUA: Sporkbot CosplayLocation: Bricks Barber Shop :


I did the make up for this shoot, and it was SO MUCH FUN.
also that’s me in the back in the orange




Cosplayer: Miss Sinister Cosplay
Character: Sagat
Series: Street Fighter
Photographer: Jason DeSomer Photography
Country: USA
MUA: Sporkbot Cosplay
Location: Bricks Barber Shop


I did the make up for this shoot, and it was SO MUCH FUN.

also that’s me in the back in the orange



Gays are some of the most hateful of people, and I don’t blame most of them/us considering the society we grew up in. But it’s the saddest when gays turn against each other. I’ve encountered some of the most racist, agist, youth-obsessed, fat shaming people on the planet and 9 times out of 10, they’re gay who hide behind the excuse of “it’s just a preference” like sure, you don’t have to be physically attracted to every single person, but don’t be a fucking asshole about it.

Idk where I’m going with this but I needed to write it down. If you’ve ever run into one of these people, let me hug you.

I’m going to reblog this again since a follower tagged this with something I feel I need to elucidate on.

I’m not a trans person, so I don’t have any authority speaking for trans people, but as someone who has a rl friend currently going through her transition, I feel like I can speak as a friend/ally of trans people.

I really dislike how there is still so much transphobia in the gay community. It’s funny because some people would say ‘I’m not transphobic, I watch RPDR’ (what) or ‘I’m not transphobic, I know x/y/z’ but still feel like they can either

a) appropriate the use of trans-slurs
b) use them to belittle a persons appearance or insult their gender identity.
c) put ‘no trans’ on their dating profiles/grindr/scruff and that it is perfectly acceptable.

Not only are these extremely offensive, but also do nothing but help breed more discontent and proselytise other people into normalising them. Which is wrong. 

It also irritates me further that LGB people don’t feel the need to stick up for trans-people because they aren’t ‘part of their community’ or ‘haven’t done anything for them’

jfc lemme tell you something:

Whilst you were probably a thought that hadn’t even fucking promulgated in your parents’ mind, there were people of all genders and sexualities fighting for your fucking rights in the stonewall riots. 

They could have turned round and said ‘oh actually gay rights are totally irrelevant to our cause’ but you know what? They didn’t. It wasn’t a thought that crossed their minds. They wanted a future where people who were seen as different could walk down the street, not afraid they would get the shit kicked out of them, a future where you didn’t have to second guess who would reveal your identity, or look over your shoulder when you stepped out your front door. Hell, these beautiful women and men fought to make sure that we had basic human rights.

And we should be holding the hands of our trans brothers and sisters, especially those who are feeling shitty or don’t feel they have the support they should. Not as a ‘favour’; because they are human beings. If you tell a trans person you don’t ‘prefer their type’, you are invalidating them as human beings. It’s fucking disgusting and as non-heteros you should know that it’s difficult enough discovering your identity, let alone having people try and discredit you as an ‘anomaly’ or ‘fake’.

So checklist:

  • transphobia is unacceptable
  • using trans slurs is unacceptable
  • invalidating a trans persons gender identity is unacceptable
  • 'forgetting' that trans people fought for your fucking rights is unacceptable
  • thinking that voiding trans people from talking to you on dating apps is acceptable, is unacceptable.
  • (BONUS ROUND) - Asking about any part of their transition is very personal and, also, unacceptable

The ‘T’ in LGBT isn’t fucking silent.